November 27, 2012 — 21:51

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Eden is the third book in the Sandra Mahoney series.

The cross-dresser pulling on stockings on the front cover is NOT former Foreign Affairs Minister, Alexander Downer, or any other Federal politician. Downer once donned fishnet stockings as a stunt, but my victim is fictitious, an independent candidate for the ACT Assembly.

Unexpectedly alone in the summer holidays, Sandra mulls over an undignified photograph of Eden Carmichael that has been published in The CanberraTimes. When a lobby group asks her to investigate a company producing filters for the Internet, Sandra is surprised to find herself drawn into the currents surrounding a politician’s lonely death.

Graeme Blundell wrote of Eden in the Weekend Australian, ‘Johnston has matured into a class act, her meditative prose structured by a swifter progress of character and relationships. Her prose provides a lovely, almost literary read.’